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Post-surgery Care Tips for Incisions

Post-surgery Care Tips for Incisions

Recovering from surgery requires special care but it does not mean you are limited to staying in the healthcare facility. After some time and depending on the patient’s condition, you can go home to continue recovering.

To ensure a smooth recovery, you may need some assistance or form of care such as Respite Care to allow breaks between care providers. Under our care, we take care of the patient’s needs, especially in the incision area. An incision is a wound or a cut sewn closed after the surgery. In some cases, the area is glued, taped, or stapled. Since it seems to provide an opening in the first few days, proper care can reduce the risk of infection.

Your doctor will also share care tips for the incision. For example, they will suggest when the bandage should be removed. This timing depends on the location of the incision and the severity of the surgery. Some instructions allow the bandage to be removed a day after the surgery while other wounds may require the bandage for a few more days.

It is important to keep the incision and its surrounding areas dry. Bathing or showering has to be avoided especially on the first days. Alternative washing methods such as sponge baths are suggested. When drying, the incision area should be gently tapped instead of forceful towel rubs.

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