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In the time of need, many of us do not like to ask for help or feel we may need help at the time. Whether it is needing assistance after surgery, after childbirth, sitter services, companionship, respite care, transportation assistance to get errands done or attend doctor appointments, meal preparation, assistance with all ADL’s and IADLS, we are are here to serve with excellence and with the most recent evidence-based practices to promote independence and maintain quality of life in the comfort of your home.

Several types of drugs are associated with a significant risk of falls, the so-called fall risk-increasing drugs. If you are having surgery and recovering from anesthesia, there is a risk of fall along with certain pain medication that can contribute to a fall. According to CDC, one in every four adults age 65 and older report falling each year. That is about 36 million falls each year: Some falls can be fatal for adults ages 64 and older. However, a decrease in cognitive level and mobility issue places a person at a higher chance of falling.

A study from the medical journal Age and Ageing found that seniors with Alzheimer’s are three times more likely to suffer from hip fractures than those that do not have this disease. A broken hip is extremely painful and requires surgery and hospitalization, and this can lead to further disorientation and disability for the person with Alzheimer’s. Learn more at

Benefits of Home Care

Being in the comfort of your own home still promotes independence for yourself or a loved one. Home care also decreases re-admission to the hospital. Home care assists with maintaining compliance with medication reminders and post-discharge of physical therapy daily exercise to maintain ROM (range of motion). Home care can assist with social aspect of life as well as with companionship care. Home care can be a great benefit for loved ones that are the main caregiver and needing time to rejuvenate.